Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keeping the ball rolling..

Please excuse the long post, it has been awhile so I have quite a few projects to show progress on. I have not yet completed my terrain goal, but I'm slowly getting there. I've been concentrating on my Tau lately, and I'm finally putting some time into my Farsight piece which will hopefully be my first Golden Demon entry.


The river tiles were a nice learning experience with clear resin. I managed to mess up the edges by not really blocking them up properly during the resin setting. I've gotten a bit better about it in the second half (though still not perfect), and after some touchups the first batch are looking ok.

Objectives The objectives came out as well as I expected. They were a quick project for something that I had been dragging my feet on making.

My buildings have both seen some progress, though I'm nowhere near completion. I need a lot more casting to complete the bastion, and some detail work and sanding on the compound before the painting phase.

The Ethereal statue came out ok, and can be placed by itself, on top of the bastion, or on the Space Marine column. The rubble scene was formed from miscast and junk plaster. The guardsman scene was not planned, I just kinda shot from the hip.


I finished my last 6 Firewarriors, and then went back and added some squad markings to the others. I can now break them down into 6 man teams, or combine two groups for 12 man teams. I also put some more detail into squad leader markings, so they're a bit more obvious. After the firewarriors, I made a decision to change my brown earth color up to a tau ochre to match my board a bit better. It took the rest of the afternoon and a handfull of Xfiles episodes, but I powered through all my other Tau models to unify the army bases. I will take pictures of these all when I have the chance, as some of my earlier pictures are poor in quality.

As I began to work on my last devilfish, I came to the conclusion that I had to put some time into the others to make them a bit more coherent. In the end I airbrushed my original hammerhead into a gradient pattern and darker red, while trying to bring my pimped out hammerhead a bit more vibrant. I practiced using masking to spray on white panels, which was infinitely better than handpainting large areas of white (even despite a few errors in masking which left white overspray in a few places).


-Veteran Hammerhead-

-LED Hammerhead/Devilfish-

With these pieces finished, my assembled pieces in my Tau army are complete. Granted, I have about the same amount of tau figures given to me which are sitting half assembled in a box. I haven't quite decided what to do with them yet, but maybe the Cadre will grow again in a few months..

My Farsight model will likely consume most of my hobby time for August. After that I have a rising queue of new projects to work on. Top of the list is my Raven Guard in the works for the PBL escalation league. After that, I may be painting Joe's orks for fun! Lastly I'm really looking forward to the Warhammer Fantasy box set, so I will have Skaven and High Elves to paint (as well as maybe a Fantasy themed table?)