Friday, September 17, 2010

They Came From... Behind!

A quick little bit of terrain thanks to playdoh and plaster. It took about 2 hours to mold, dry, and base, and then another 2 for painting. I'll be making one for each vehicle in the cadre. They make good large area objectives too!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September's Random Creations

Rather than continue my monthly challenges, I've taken a break for September to get a few pieces done that have been sitting around. Though some are part of an army or warband, there's no real pressing need to get them done.

To start we have two Mordheim bosses: one Skaven and one Orc. While I would love to get the newer Sniktt model, this older one is still pretty good. I was going for a moonlight look, though he could still use a few more layers to bring out a bit more color. I may add detail to the cloak with a Skaven symbol as well.

The Orc was a test of building metal tones out of greys, and it is ok, though I need to work out a bit more rust and possibly use a weathering technique to make chipped black laquer for the armor.


This demon is a friend's piece that he left about a year ago, hoping I would get to it at some point. I finally did, and I'm glad the inspiration took. The burnt fabric came out better than I expected, but I used an undiluted ink to get the heavier stippled scorches. This has left it a bit too glossy, so I will have to airbrush it with some matte varnish.


This is a color test for my upcoming RG army. I will most likely go for a darker grey, and may rethink the red secondary color. Maybe a dark blue?


Some time ago, Joe from Crimson Sundown and I came up with an idea to use smoke to mask a flight stand. I finally got around to giving it a try. I also managed to test out hairspray weathering, though my undercoat was a bit too busy, and I removed too much of the black overcoat. In the end some washes helped to dull the busy piece, but I will try a different approach on the next of the squadron.


My current project is a ten strong squad of winged Kroot countas Vespid. I never really liked the Vespid model, and it is a bit expensive. So when Gargoyle wings came around, I jumped on the idea of a newly evolved Kroot kindred! I'm going to finish these three up, and then probably paint them before moving on to making the rest.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

ATT Contest Entry

Here are the only two models completed in August. It took a whole lot of time, but I'm happy how they turned out.

The pilot consists of firewarrior, Glade Guard, and dark eldar bits.
Most of the choices came from what I had on hand.
The suit is mostly Rymyr and xv8 bits, with a few extras. The fins came from my xv9 shoulder pads that I cut off for Farsight. The hands are also xv-9, modified with plasticard. The extra gun lenses are taken from Devilfish antenna.


The other half of the contest was a short story:

Shas’Vre Kor’Sua’Ka - “Stormstrike”

Dawn was just breaking over the skyline of the capital city of the arid planet Persentia. From atop the roof of an abandoned apartment building pathfinder Shas’Ui’ Lem’Rotaa could see well out across the city. However the streets were winding and still dark, making it difficult to discern much activity below. Beside him was a Shas’Vre who many years ago he had called his pupil, before she earned the name of Kor’Sua’Ka. She looked lost in mental preparation. Ui’Lem did not need to guess as to what she had planned. The pathfinder training ingrained in her always led to an surprise Mont’ka that befitted this hive of buildings and alleys.

The gue’la had originally welcomed the 7th Vior’la Response Cadre when it had air dropped in to turn back an Ork Waagh. After the Orks had been defeated, the Ethereals were careful to ensure that the gue’la culture was largely kept intact. This peace lasted for over 3 years.

Rebellion spread like wildfire seemingly overnight. City fighting became a common occurrence, with the Tau finding it difficult to bring their heavier vehicles to bear in the cramped streets. Conversely, the human armor thrived in this situation. They were easily concealed and able to sweep streets with minimal support. It fell to the crisis suits to meet the threat.

She had always been unconventional as a young ‘la, but her elevation to Crisis pilot only served to highlight her temperament. Originally assigned to a Crisis team, Kor’Sua’Ka was known to break off and pursue her own objectives more often than not. It had been on one of these pursuits that ended with the wreckage of 6 tanks and one tattered crisis suit. A week later she appeared back at a Tau outpost half dead. When she returned from medical leave, she found herself promoted and gifted the title of Stormstrike.

Gunfire quickly brought Lem out of his reminiscence. Down below, the street still untouched by dawn lit up with muzzle flashes as the kroot burst from shops and alleys, putting up a fighting withdrawal from the gue’la still out of Lem’s view.

“Prepare your squad, Shas’Ui. We will be upon them in but a moment.”

Kor’Sua’Ka was halfway into her XV-8, the camouflage netting discarded onto the ground. Lem nodded affirmative and radioed to his pathfinders scattered in the surrounding buildings. Clicks acknowledging the orders came in quick succession. He steadied his carbine on the roof ledge, zeroing his markerlight sight onto the open street below. Rumbling treads filled the air and Lem patiently waited for his target to come into view. He felt the rush of air pressure as Kor’Sua’Ka effortlessly boosted her Crisis Suit beside him, perching on the ledge like a giant bird of prey. In the precise moment that the armored behemoth rolled into view all of Lem’s senses dulled for a silent, almost serene point in time.

“The calm before the storm” he whispered to himself, and pulled the trigger.


Overall I did OK in the competition. I Placed 3rd in modeling, shared 2nd in story, and somewhere 4th or 5th in the combination poll. Regardless of ranking, it was a lot of fun to work on this piece, and I will definitely be entering other competitions as they arise!