Wednesday, May 11, 2011

GDMNW, Charity, Battlestar

A few weeks ago, I received the banner marine from the folks at GDMNW that I had won in a raffle, and I have been meaning to post my thanks. It is a wonderfully done miniature that has found its place among my best painted models in the display shelf. I may even make a Sternguard killteam to match him when I get the chance. Thanks for the raffle and the help to the gaming community that you provide!

I took some pictures of him with my new photobooth, which I am still getting used to. The lighting is much nicer, but I definitely need to work on setup and perhaps get some better backgrounds than the fabric it came with. Once my game room is returned to normal state I hope to set up a permanent booth to streamline the process.


My main focus this month is around the rapidly approaching G33kwatch 24hour slumber party marathon which I will be participating in. At the same time, I will be painting a custom Black Reach set (with extras!) that we will be auctioning off near the beginning! It would be a great starter set for someone new, or as a gift for friends who haven't yet been able to get into the game. And it all goes to the Childsplay charity so you will be giving games while getting one! See this previous post on the details, and I will be updating the contents closer to the event as well. I am a bit nervous that nobody will actually want it, so I would appreciate any exposure people could provide!


I also found a diversion from my Cryx in the form of some pieces from the Battlestar Galactica boardgame. My friend Ryan introduced some of us to the game, and it is a blast! Very suspenseful trying to find the cylon traitor amongst the group while making tough choices on things to sacrifice for the good of the fleet. The mini's are really nice too, but having them fully painted up would bring it up a notch, so I offered to paint some and see if he likes em. Theres plenty more to paint than just these, but this is one of each ship type. I tried to stay faithful to the real colorschemes, but I did take the Mk7 viper blue scheme from a larger scale painted model that I saw online. I'm also working on a secret side project of similar subject..

Aside from that, my Cryx are scratching at their box to get more work done on them. Soon guys(gals? wraiths?), soon.