Friday, March 5, 2010

Pathfinders Complete, Hammerhead on Deck!

I had a long weekend thanks to snow, and I managed to get a few things done. Just have to finish a hammerhead, and my army list for this saturday's Paul Basement League event should be just about fully painted!

I Painted up the last 4 of my pathfinders. I got them done in one sitting, which was surprising considering it took me months to finish painting the first 4. I guess I had a better idea of what I wanted this time around. I may add a few more later on to form two midsize squads like I've done in the past.

After much cursing and superglued fingers, I fixed the LED work on my pimped out hammerhead that I had previously broken. I still need to hide all the wireing on the railgun, likely with some greenstuff and plasticard plating.

I also did a good deal of the less interesting tasks that were piling up. I finished basing everything in my army, darkened the red on my original hammerhead, and fixed up some terrain.

I've noticed a growing disparity between my terrain and my bases, which will have to be fixed. As much as I dont want to, I think I need to retouch all of my bases to less muddy look and more desert. Hopefully this can be done with just a bit of the coloring from my terrain paints. I'm also thinking of matching my base rims to this sand color as well. I'll make a test group and see how I feel.

Next up on my plate is to work on airbrushing gradients on the last two vehicles, as I am done trying to hand shade reds over vehicles. You can see this started on some of the hammerhead images below. Its currently at a satin kind of look, and I think it looks pretty good in subpar lighting. But when seen in pictures or good lighting, its not quite there. I think it needs a bit more contrast so I'm going to give it another pass of darkening, and maybe a pass of orange red to bring out a bit more color. Heres hoping I dont screw up!