Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Third Gator Wave

I have been busy with my Tau project for the last month and a half, but I found the enegry to follow it up with completing quite a bit of my Gators on my paint queue in only 2 or 3 weeks. Here is the state of my display base, things are getting a bit crowded now. Any future purchases will have to be planned out or added in new tile cuts.

 My Blackhide Wrastler has seen some of the most conversion in my army. I decided early on to head-swap with another company's model to give it a bit of a different feel. I covered up the sawed neckline with a hood, as well as to give him a look similar to Barnabus. Some things still irked me about the model, so I kept hacking. With a fortutious set of bits I was able to make another set of ropes similar to his stock, and formed a shoulder pad for his other arm. I also decided to change the pose with a quick arm move, so that he was now in preparation of charging. The extra shoulder pad meant I did not have to resculpt the shoulder, so win-win. I also added in some bits on his belt, cause a gators gotta have a beer now and then. For paint, I followed the colors used on the second snapper, deciding to add in some color variation from my normal green gators.

 The Spitter is stock, but was enjoyable to paint! The shell almost directed itself with highlights and shadows, and came out just as I saw in my mind.

 The second snapper in my force is likely to go to Wrong Eye, so I decided he needed a bit more flair. The model is the same one used for the head of the wrastler. I greenstuffed in a hat and gave him a bit of a snack.

 Totem Hunter got no real conversion, but a whole lot of reposing. I cracked just about every joint on him to get him to line up with the rock in the stance I wanted. This was one of those builds where I just kept breaking joints and resetting them until it came together. When it did, it was perfectly how I wanted him. I felt much better with the new pose, and he painted up really well too! I may change the skin up with a bit of texture at some point.

 Bog Trogs got some armor upgrades and reposing to have them actually in the pose of ambushing. I especially like the one just holding his head and shoulders above water. I'm not very happy with the orange fins, I may change their skin colors to differentiate them a bit more from my Rask colored bog trog unit. I am also going to go back and experiment with water splash effects. I plan for Maelok and the second posse to follor the newer gator colors, and maybe fill out a solo or two to close out the army for now.