Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Harvest

The weekend bears fruit. Completed 5 nobs, and 90% done on my Planetary Empires map. I apologize for the inconsistent lighting, I have yet to get a good photograph setup going. (Edit: I hav e some slighty better pictures which have gone into this post)

Corey's orks provide a welcome distraction to my Tau. The orks are just plain fun to paint. There is so much stuff going on with these models, and if you want to keep things dirty its OK in their book. I built up the yellow from an orange base, and then experimented with a light layer of gold along the edges to give it a glint. Leather was a couple different sets of brown-tan layers with a wash. Light bleached bone drybrushing for grittyness. Also some basic freehanding going on, but some good practice nonetheless.

The map took all of Sunday to complete: Assembly, priming and basecoating by airbrush, and all of the drybrush and detailing. I still have to paint the borders, flags, and buildings. Most of the base color was from a big drybrush of acrylic brown, and then the color variations were adding green, blue, or red to the remaining brown on my palette. This kept the colors tied together to the primary brown. I tried including the building tiles in this drybrushing but I did not keep it uniform, though the hive cities came out acceptable. In the end I went over all of the spaceports with a new basecoat and some layers of drybrushing.



  1. In this last picture of the ork, I love the 'hazard' kind of message his ax sends to his enemies. Its very thoughtful of him.

  2. That's an excellent campaign map mate, do you mind if I use it on my maps showcase on my campaign blog?

  3. Thank you and certainly you may! I love your campaign blog, I read through it last week as I am preparing to start a campaign at the beginning of next year. Good stuff!