Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vior'la reinforcements

I am lazy so just copying over my post from ATT. This is some of my more recent work. The four suits are just about done, save for a few touchups. The color balance is a little off in these pictures, but the red is pretty close.

The pathfinder reinforcements have finally arrived. They now have a proper 'ui, who has, ahem, "rekrooted" some odd characters to fill the ranks. I need to finish up gsing before they can move into the paint queue. The female 'ui was made with some Wood Elves Glade Guard bits.

And here is a quick shot of the cadre on display. The flash managed to reflect the weathering attempts on the pathfinder fish a bit more than is actually there in normal light. My original hammerhead has turned out to be much brighter than how the rest of my force developed, so it is in the process of being darkened.


  1. GG at your new "rekroots" and your elusive female tau. Now if she only had some big fusion guns...

  2. Stuff looks great Dan. I love the conversions. I look forward to facing you again!