Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September's Random Creations

Rather than continue my monthly challenges, I've taken a break for September to get a few pieces done that have been sitting around. Though some are part of an army or warband, there's no real pressing need to get them done.

To start we have two Mordheim bosses: one Skaven and one Orc. While I would love to get the newer Sniktt model, this older one is still pretty good. I was going for a moonlight look, though he could still use a few more layers to bring out a bit more color. I may add detail to the cloak with a Skaven symbol as well.

The Orc was a test of building metal tones out of greys, and it is ok, though I need to work out a bit more rust and possibly use a weathering technique to make chipped black laquer for the armor.


This demon is a friend's piece that he left about a year ago, hoping I would get to it at some point. I finally did, and I'm glad the inspiration took. The burnt fabric came out better than I expected, but I used an undiluted ink to get the heavier stippled scorches. This has left it a bit too glossy, so I will have to airbrush it with some matte varnish.


This is a color test for my upcoming RG army. I will most likely go for a darker grey, and may rethink the red secondary color. Maybe a dark blue?


Some time ago, Joe from Crimson Sundown and I came up with an idea to use smoke to mask a flight stand. I finally got around to giving it a try. I also managed to test out hairspray weathering, though my undercoat was a bit too busy, and I removed too much of the black overcoat. In the end some washes helped to dull the busy piece, but I will try a different approach on the next of the squadron.


My current project is a ten strong squad of winged Kroot countas Vespid. I never really liked the Vespid model, and it is a bit expensive. So when Gargoyle wings came around, I jumped on the idea of a newly evolved Kroot kindred! I'm going to finish these three up, and then probably paint them before moving on to making the rest.

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