Saturday, November 27, 2010

Auction for SSV Normandy SR1 Model

My good friends are currently running through a Mass Effect Marathon to raise money for Childs Play Charity. Help them break their goal of $10k!
They're doing various donation challenges and raffling off prizes. One of two auctions is my secret project for the last two months.

I have made a model of the ME1 ship, the SSV Normandy SR1. Picture here is the first casts in plaster. Original pieces were from plasticard, balsa wood, and sculpting resin. I rushed to get it assembled to show on the marathon, however this will not be the one being shipped. I have casting plastic coming in the mail for the official model. This will make a much more durable model, which was my main concern with the plaster version.

I will post progress as I finish it, showing assembly and painting steps. Because I will be taking a bit more time to complete it, this will probably take 2-3 weeks to finish, so it might not arrive to the winner until January. I'd rather take my time and be happy with the finished project than rush it out at this point. Hopefully it will look like this:

It will be auctioned off tonight at 8pm EST, you must be in chat to participate. I should be on as well to answer any questions, and will then be showing up tomorrow on the show (after a 10 hour trip).. Where Liv will be dying her hair pink in honor of the Sunday Auction: Blasto!

Tune in and support it if you can, every little bit counts.

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  1. Unfortunately the plastic/resin is not working out so well. It will have to be plaster afterall. I should be able to mitigate any shipping damage with magnetizing the wings, I suppose.