Friday, June 3, 2011

Black Reach Auction Sat June 4th!

One day to go before the G33kwatch Slumberparty! I bought the Blackreach set from our local store, Timewarp Comics, and I have spent the last two weeks prepping the miniatures. Everything is now ready to go for tomorrow's painting challenge. All of the models have been deflashed, assembled, based, gun barrels drilled, and primed.

It will be auctioned off Saturday June 4th at about 2pm. You will have to be in the live Ustream chat to be able to bid on it. Please be capable of donating the amount relatively quickly after winning so I can begin working as soon as possible! I will be around to answer questions before hand, and will be able to work out details with the winner on design and color choices.

I'll have my airbrush with me for any basecoating once I know the winner's color choices, and then its the long road of painting them all up in the ~22ish hours of the rest of the marathon. (Note that should I not succeed the challenge then I will still make sure to finish the models later to a quality level, its more of timed event for the fun of it)

Extras that are making it in are:

2x custom made objectives, one an Ork kannon of mass destruction, and another is some Imperial supply crates.

Some low rubble and building terrain courtesy of Paul's Basement League. I haven't yet seen it, but we will have pics when Paul arrives at the marathon.

2x 36" tape measure. because nobody should have to use those weird red stick rulers.

Extra Dice! Dakkadakkadakka

I am still working on making some foam inserts tonight, we shall see how it works out.

I hope I have some people's interest, please tune into the Slumberparty and donate if you can. There is a metric ton of prizes being raffled off to donaters, in addition to some other cool auctions besides this Black Reach set. All money goes to the Childs Play charity, helping children in hospitals have fun and be kids!

Even if you are not interested in this auction, I would greatly appreciate anyone spreading the word! Thanks all, see you tomorrow.

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