Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Completed Desert Table Sees Some Action

So I never completed my 2012 challenge goals. As I am moving towards a new challenge to be unveiled on Sunday, I should really finish the previous ones off!

The desert table has been complete for awhile, but it has been a matter of getting some pictures together to log the completion here. Well that day has come, here are the completed board pictures, along with a few days of gaming on them. They are holding up well, though they don't always line up perfectly.

I still have some terrain pieces to finish for them, but they will be done more as a group project. Overall I am pretty happy with the boards. They were not difficult, nor that time consuming to make. I may make some additions in the future, like some pits or river features.

I've already posted my Cryx, Gators, and Dystopian wars, so I am almost done with the challenge. This leaves posting pics of my Shadow Crows, and the completion of my Descent miniatures as the last goals from the previous challenge. Only a few models to go!

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