Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dreadball Season 1 Teams

Dreadball was one of those Kickstarters that I wasn't sure about, but pulled the trigger and backed it anyway. Once I got it I opened it up, assembled most of the main team, and promptly put it away..

 It wasn't until I watched the BeastofWar videos for it that I actually got the desire to play it. I knew I would want to have my teams ready to go for anyone who wanted to play without buying another "army". Because some of the teams have very similar looking models for each position, I wanted to make some semi-unified method of identifying them, without resorting to color coding. I chose shoulder pad symbols with cross hairs for Strikers, checkers for Jacks, and triangular shields for Guards.

After a few games I also decided to identify the front arcs a bit more with a fully painted blue sides. This helps some of the poses with more ambiguous front arcs.

 The Humans were my first team to get through. I took a slightly different color scheme from the default, and decided to give them Mass Effect style omni-tool ball gloves.

 The rats were my favorite team to paint. I think they are great models and I really like their cobbled gear and dynamic poses. I would probably use them for a league game.

For the Dwarves I tried to keep the stock blue color, but instead of whites I chose more golds and browns. They are nicely detailed in their armor, though their cloth is rather boring after awhile.

Orcs were the last to do, and I definitely rushed them towards the end. Plenty of quick drybrush and washing got the job finished. That being said, there isn't much I could do that would improve them that much.

I plan to eventually work on another set of the models, as I still have a few extras for each team, some ref's, and MVP's. I also have some number decals to add should we ever start up a league play. With quite a few of the other JBL players having bought their own teams, I expect a league might not be too far off! I also backed the second kickstarter, so I will have another infusion of minis in the near future. Mosh pit!

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