Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May Painting Challenge - Week 1

So 1 week has passed, and I've been keeping a very good pace. I went into this week with a bit of more prep to finish to alot of the Malifaux models. I spent the first day priming and working on the custom cobblestone bases for my Viktoria gang (I had ordered resin bases for her group originally, but it was delayed). They came out passably and I was able to prime all of them on the second day while starting to tackle the major effort of the week: The Striking Scorpions squad.

After painting an Eldar pathfinder squad, I was worried that the models might not hold my interest enough to put the proper love into their paintjob. Thankfully, a change of technique helped to push me to work very hard on these guys. I've experimented with two tone priming, starting with black, and then applying white primer from a directional source to provide an initial light/shadow. It has worked ok, though I think I will continue with just learning to use all white primer from now on. I daresay they are some of the more polished squads I've produced. I really enjoyed watching them progress, though by the last two I was ready to move on to other things.

Next up this week is the three ork bosses. They've already been started and I tend to paint orks pretty quickly, so I hoped to be into one of the malifaux bands as well by the end of the second week.

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