Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May Painting Challenge - Week 2

Current status:
Striking Scorpions - 6/6 done!
Orks - 3/3 done!
Ortega's Marshalls- 4/8
Lilith's Brood - 0/4
Viktoria's Outcasts-  0/9

Pictures to follow soon.

My painting speed has really picked up, as I was able to get through the ork bosses and four of Perdita's warband this last week, and that was with taking the first three days off from painting. I'm hoping to finish the last 4 and get through Lilith by the end of this week, which would leave me the viktoria band to finish during the week that Liv and I will be visiting her family in Michigan. I don't know how much painting I can actually get through while there, so I'd rather just be done with it by then.

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