Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Investigators Are On The Case

I was the only one who came back that night to the old fishing town as legend bade, for only the poor and the lonely remember.

H.P. Lovecraft

"The Festival"

Here is the current state of the 8 investigators from Mansions of Madness.
I got through most of them, though half of them need some more work to be brought up to the same quality.

I enjoyed working on the ground shadow effects, I feel it adds to the lighting ambiance for the characters. I would like to shade them even more according to the lighting to heighten this effect. You can see where I figured it out on the first three of these characters. The rest should follow with a similar feel.

Also left to finish are about 6 monsters, which I shall get to in time. For now, I've switched gears and begun to get into my Cryx force that has been sitting patiently in a box for a couple months now. I put a good deal of work into them this weekend, so WIP pics coming very soon. In the meantime, here's some more pictures of a few of the completed monsters.



  1. My buddy just got this game and it's so much fun!
    The minis turned out really nice.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, we are enjoying it, though I've yet to get through a full game so far..